[News]  What is Hight power (STRIKE) (Crushing Blow
What is Hight power (STRIKE) (Crushing Blow%)? 
The attack value will be displayed with “STRIKE“, and increase 30%-35% attack value.
Which items have Hight power (STRIKE) (Crushing Blow%)?
Almighty Ring   2.5%
Super Almighty Ring (Limited Edition)    2.5%
Copper Genesis Necklace   10%
Silver Genesis Necklace   15%
Golden Genesis Necklace   20%
Copper Genesis Bracelet   10%
Silver Genesis Bracelet   15%
Golden Genesis Bracelet   20%
Copper Genesis FootRing    10%
Silver Genesis FootRing   15%
Golden Genesis FootRing   20%
Copper Genesis Belt   20%
Silver Genesis Belt   30%
Golden Genesis Belt   35%
So if you have Super Almighty Ring (Limited Edition)*2 + Golden Genesis Necklace + Golden Genesis Bracelet + Golden Genesis FootRing + Golden Genesis Belt , than you can get 100% Perfect Attack Value !